Snapchat Marketing Techniques

Everyone is talking about it- the new rage and using the platform Snapchat to market their business. In fact, I’ve recently seen quite a few posts and people offering training on how to use this new platform. Snapchat isn’t new, their initial release was in 2011, but it seems that now people are starting to see an opportunity to use it for marketing, and it’s not just people in network marketing either. Big companies like Amazon, Disney, Netflix, Target, Victoria Secret, and many others are also on Snapchat.  According to Wiki, Snapchat is getting around 7 BILLION daily views! That’s a crazy amount of snaps going on!


If you’re unsure of what Snapchat is-let me briefly explain. It’s a mobile app used to send photos and videos to your friends that will disappear forever once a person has seen it. The maximum that a photo or a video is allowed is only 10 seconds. There is also “Stories” in your homepage, which is kind of like a Facebook Newsfeed. There you can put as many photos or videos as you like (again max 10 seconds for each) but it will be available for people to see for 24 hours after you put it there. And again, once that 24 hours is gone, so are your photos/videos. So you’re probably wondering why or even how this particular app could help you market your business.

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