Why Your Sales Funnel Doesn’t Work

Do you have a sales funnel that just doesn’t seem to be converting? You’ve gotten into a new company or program and set up your funnel, blasted it onto social media and everywhere else you can, only to find that once your lead opts-in, they don’t buy anything. That is the case with many novice marketers. And guess what- the problem isn’t product/service or company, it’s actually the WAY you set up your sales funnel.

You may have been taught a very common way of setting it up, and let me guess what that is:

Your Ad (Learn how to make X amount of money) —> Opt-in page (Get access to your FREE report/video/ebook/etc when you enter your email) —> Your sales page (Buy my stuff here!!)

Taking a look at this formula can you see it’s a pretty standard and common way of doing a sales funnel, isn’t it?? The problem here is that once a prospect lands on your sales page, they probably will not buy right away whatever you’re offering. So let’s break down the three parts here and see what the issues are.

Your Ad…
All the best,
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-Marie Yovcheva 😀

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