Motivating Yourself When You Don’t Feel Like Doing Anything

From the time we were able to start to understand things to today, there have been rewards and consequences for our actions. If we got bad grades in school then there were consequences, but if we got good grades everything was fine. If we kept showing up late to work, we could potentially get fired. Everything in life has always revolved around this principle-an accountability structure.

Then somewhere down the line, we decide to embark in entrepreneurship-we start up a small business, get into network or affiliate marketing and want to become our own boss. This is great, but for most of us, myself included, we don’t know how to motivate ourselves when we feel like  doing nothing or want to take some time off that we can’t afford to take yet. Because we are essentially our own boss, if we don’t show up for “work” we let ourselves off the hook and let it slide. If we didn’t get X amount of customers or new team members by when we said we would, we don’t have someone lecturing us and asking “what happened?”

Transitioning from the employee state of mind to the other side of becoming a entrepreneur is hard. We don’t have anyone watching over our every move, making sure the job is getting done. We haven’t got any consequences in place-except we know the business isn’t going to get far if the work isn’t being put in. So the question then is HOW do we motivate ourselves on those days we just really don’t feel like showing up?…….. Continue reading the full blog post here


All the best,

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-Marie Yovcheva 😀


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