4 Reasons Your Leads Aren’t Buying Your Offer

Do you have the perfect offer or product, plenty of leads, but your leads just aren’t converting into paying customers? If you feel your leads aren’t buying like they should be, there could be 4 possible explanations as to why they aren’t paying for your stuff. But first I’d like to give you the average conversation rates. Many marketers think- “Hey I’ve got 10 opt-ins, but no one buying yet… What’s the deal?!”

Average Conversion Rates

The first type of interaction is one on one. That can be in person, on the phone, a Skype call, a Facebook call, Face-time, etc. This is the most personal and the highest converting type of interaction. The average for this is around 20%-30% meaning out of every 10 people you should have, on average, 2-3 people say yes to your offer.

Another way of getting your information and offer out is live webinars. This is second best because you can still interact personally with people. You can ask them questions, answer theirs, and talk directly to them, but instead of just speaking with 1-2 people, webinars give you an option of talking to 100’s or thousands of people at once! The average conversion rate for this is around 10%-15%.

Automated webinars is the next option. Now this isn’t personal anymore but is still a great way to keep your information out there 24/7 for people to see on their own time schedule. This has a lesser average because you’re taking the personal interaction out. The average conversion for this is 6%-10%.

The last option I want to talk about is the sales letter or sales video. Obviously this is the least personal way you can show someone your offer, and because of this, the average conversion is only 1%-2%.

Now that you understand a bit more about the averages of each way to convert your leads into paying customers, let’s talk about the reasons you’re not converting, shall we? 😉


Why Your Leads Aren’t Buying Into Your Offer Or Products

The first issue could be your message to market is a mis-match. Either your marketing message is fantastic but you’re targeting the absolute wrong type of customer OR you are targeting the perfect customer, but your marketing message is wrong or way to sales-y! Too many marketers are thinking about “convincing” someone to buy, buy, BUY their stuff, when actually you should be focused on informing and educating your target audience.

When your focus is about helping others and off…………

To continue reading the full blog post and finish understanding why your leads aren’t buying, click here!!


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