Creating Your Customer Avatar & How To Market To Them

You may or may not have been in marketing for awhile now, but one of your first steps in marketing (especially online marketing) is to create your ideal customer avatar. If you’ve ever been asked “What’s your niche?” or “What is your target market?” and you don’t have a clue or worse, you’ve only got a general idea, then read on!!

Without defining your audience your marketing will become too generic and you will not be attracting the right type of people to you for your offer. Many marketers think that when they are targeting “network marketers” or “stay at home moms” or even “people who want to lose weight” that that is it; that’s their avatar. In reality that’s not really your ideal customer because you’re not going any deeper than the generic title. Your true customer is more specific and is much more….

But What Exactly Is An Avatar?

Simply put- it’s detailed profile of your targeted customer for your particular product, service or even your opportunity. It has a name, you can visual it and it has characteristics. Now keep in mind, it’s not one real specific person, but has the characteristics of many people.

The more specific you get about your avatar the better you will be able to market and sell them.  You will own that niche and become the “go to” person. Your marketing message will work much better because you’ve found your…..

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