It Takes Intelligence To Be A Successful Entrepreneur

In regards to becoming a successful entrepreneur, you’ll need intelligence; but not the kind we usually think about when picturing an “intelligent person”.  Have you met someone great or gifted in a particular area? That is because there are actually 7 different types of intelligence, but as your own boss, you only need to excel at one of them.

The 7 different types are:

  1. Verbal-Linguistic- These people are excellent readers and writers and usually do well in school. Make great lawyers.
  2. Logical-Mathematical- These people love numbers and solving math problems. They lean towards accounting, computer programming or engineering in business.
  3. Body-Kinesthetic- These people are great in athletic sports. They may be professional athletes or dances and will go into the health or recreation business.
  4. Spatial- These people love arts and may go on to become professional artists, architects, designers, or graphic artists.
  5. Musical- These people love to perform and can pick up musical notes or playing instruments very quickly.
  6. Interpersonal- These people are awesome communicators! They are great preachers, sales or advertising specialists. They can easily build rapport, engage with people and are “people people”.
  7. Intrapersonal- These people can communicate effectively with themselves. They have control over their own thoughts (self-talk) and emotions.

Of all 7, the last one is what you need as an entrepreneur. It is usually called emotional or success intelligence. The intrapersonal intelligence empowers individuals to do what most are afraid to do, or to do what most simply don’t/won’t do.

If you are not naturally born with this, you can develop it. The only problem is that it takes intrapersonal intelligence to develop intrapersonal intelligence. The more challenges you have as being your own boss and the better you handle the challenges, the stronger your intelligence will be. The stronger your intelligence, the better an entrepreneur you’ll become! This is why personal development is a life-long process. When you have strong intrapersonal skills you can control your self-talk that holds you back and kills your success.

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All the best,

-Marie 😀


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