Are You Killing Your Blog With These Mistakes?

I read an article recently that said 81% of bloggers never make a dime through their blog. If you are building your brand or promoting something with your blog make sure you are not doing these 3 mistakes to keep you from making that cash!

  • Posting & Running– Too many bloggers are posting their content and never returning to it to see if anyone has commented or asked a question. The purpose is to engage in conversation with your readers. If anyone leaves a comment be sure to reply, even if it is just to say “thank you”. You can quickly build relationships this way and in turn, they may even start to buy something from you.
  • Trying To Impress People– Look, no one wants to read a long lengthy formal essay paper written for an English class, wouldn’t you agree? We are not trying to impress anyone, rather we want to EX-press ourselves in a way that will create relationships. The tone and voice of your posts should be casual, informal and conversational. Just write how you would talk to someone in person, and stop trying to sound smart.
  • Formatting Your Blog– This is huge! Guess what? People don’t actually read online, they SKIM!! So you need to format your stuff into short paragraphs, bullet points or numbered lists and easy to read text. If you try and get to fancy with your layout and no one can read it or its crazy long without being able to skim around, the less likely your chances are for people to even pay attention to what you have to say.

Was that helpful? Do you do any of these? Leave a comment, like or share!

Are you happy doing what you currently do? Are you at the level you’d like to be in your business? If you said “no” then reach out and let’s see if can work together, either with me in my primary or as a network marketing coach; just fill out the form below!

All the best,

-Marie 😀


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