Mindset-4 Tips To Help You Improve

Today I learned a few skills that top earners have and one of them is mindset. When I first heard this I didn’t want anything to do with it, I wanted all the “how-to’s” of marketing… None of that crazy people talk!! So, I know you probably thinking you don’t wanna hear about it or you already know this, but let me ask you, do you implement any of your knowledge? If you don’t then, congrats, you’re like 90% of the average population and that’s why you’re in the situation you’re in. If you want something to change, do something you’ve never done…Take action on what you already know!

Unlock your Potential card with colorful backgroundSo 4 tips I can give you are:

  1. Enough of the BS!! Stop getting soft and scared when you say you’re involved with network marketing. Be proud of this amazing industry and what it can offer, be proud of your company! If you’re not proud of your company, then I suggest you find something you would be happy and enthusiastic about sharing. Never listen to the nay-sayers, dream thieves, or doubters. “People rain on your parade when they have no parade of their own.”
  2. You must believe! Believe in what, you ask? Well, the industry, your company and most importantly yourself. You have to be it before you become it. It’s when you get to your desire result, not if….
  3. Celebrate other people’s success. Stop being jealous when someone else gets a new member, customer or hits a new rank level. You are running your own race, so quit comparing your success to someone else. Anyhow if someone who is less skilled than you gets somewhere before you, then it shows what is possible for you. And when you are happy for other people’s success then YOU become more attractive and more people will want to be around you because you are happy and not a stick in the mud, so to speak. Remember this race is a marathon, so the goal is to finish what you started, not necessarily be the first.
  4. And lastly, take notice of what you are feeding your mind. What TV programs do you watch, who do you hang out with, what kind of books do you read, what kind of audios or music are you listening to, what affirmation do you say, and what is your self talk? Pay attention and see how much is negative and how much is positive. The more negative crap you have in your mind the harder it is to build a business.

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All the best,

Marie 🙂


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