3 Habits Of Effective Part-timers In Business

Think you can’t build a business because you are part time? Making excuses of why you can’t build up your empire? Then think again, ladies and gentlemen! It IS possible to become a successful businessman (or business-lady) even though you are not full time yet…

I started out part-time. In fact I had a job 6 days a week, and for those that don’t know, that means I had 1 (count ’em 1)….day off.  That meant I needed to do things that would help my business as quickly as possible, otherwise I would forever be a part-timer. Today I’ll give you some tips, or habits rather, that you can do just like the highly effective people do who do not have much time to spend on their business as a full-timer.

habits of business part-timers

3 Habits You Can Do Too:

  1. Part-timers do not consider themselves as being part time. They understand that this limited amount of time is only temporary and soon they will transition to become a full-time business person. They would NEVER use being “part time” as an excuse. So many people will say “If only I had more time to work on my business” I heard Ray Higdon say “If you can’t build part-time, then you won’t be able to build full-time either” Why is this true? I believe because if you aren’t sure of how to prioritze your tasks or make money making actions part-time, you probably will still be doing the same routine if you where full time. Right? You agree, don’t you?? These effective people understand that consistency and persistence is what’s it’s all about.
  2. They FAIL forward. Yea, you read this correctly. They make mistakes, and it’s okay. Making mistakes in business is normal and expected, plus that means you are taking some kind of action! If you are waiting to become perfect or have a perfect situation you are going to be waiting forever…. like the picture of the skeleton sitting on bench waiting for the “perfect man” Perfection does not exist my friends, for anyone! So stop trying to be, all you need to do is take those imperfections and tweak them as you go along. You will, in time, find what works for you.
  3. Keep your list short! I know we all have a gazillion things on the to-do list, but part-timers, especially, don’t have time to do everything on that list. They take maybe 3-5 top things that really need to get done that will have a maximum impact on their business and do those things. Always keep your list short and profitable!

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-Marie 😀


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