Blogging Mistakes-Four That You Could Be Doing

If you’re a blogger, then maybe you should read this real quick and see if you’re doing some of these mistakes. It could mean the difference between having your blog read to alot of loyal enthusiastic readers who keep coming back for more, and the one that sits out in that black-hole of “cyber no-where land” So let’s dive into the nitty-gritty, shall we??

Blog mistakes

4 Mistakes Blogger Make:

  • You treat your blog like a megaphone, meaning you’re just screaming out information (valueable stuff, hopefully) but you’re not asking for feedback or engagement. This platform is for conversing with your readers, find out what they want to read, engage with them!
  • Your blog is breathtakingly beautiful, (Congratulations, you perfectionist!) but you don’t give any or not enough value or problem solving tips in your posts. That means your little fan-base won’t be returning to read what you have. The same is true with the opposite…. You provide alot of great valuable content, but your blog is butt-ugly. Balance the two, and you got an award-winning blog!!
  • Well you are making content and spending time on it and you’ve hit that “publish” button! Awesome, go you!…Or… now what? Well spend some time promoting it, just like you took the time to write it! Get it out to somebody, because if you don’t… well you just wasted time writing for yourself!
  • Lastly, write for PEOPLE! I know, I know… You want the little spider search engine robots to heed all over your blog and rank it number one on the Google page, right? Well that’s great and all, but remember not to be publishing an SEO keyword non-sense post, otherwise the people reading it won’t understand what the heck you’re yappin’ about! Remember your fans are HUMANS not robots!

That’s all I got for ya today, if you want more blogging tips then fill in the form and I’ll send you where I get all my info from!

Got value? Great, then share, like comment and let me know!

All the best,

-Marie 🙂


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