“Join Me” Said Everyone In Network Marketing….

Are you screaming out JOIN ME, JOIN MY COMPANY!?

If you are then you are just like 98% of other network marketers! This tactic makes you look needy and desperate. Needy is defined as insecure, while desperate is defined as feeling or showing a hopeless sense that a situation is so bad as to be impossible to deal with.

When you’re trying to recruit someone into your business, you do not want to look like they absolutely HAVE to join; like your team and their income depends on them. It doesn’t and you shouldn’t make other people think that it does. Think of it as like in the dating world. When you’re dating someone for a while, its all good, then all of a sudden the other person starts calling you every 10 minutes or hour needing to talk to you, to know what you doing, where you are, what’s signs-of-a-desperate-man1going on, or what’s happening, this is needy! This is what you look like when you’re begging others to join you and this is a big NO-NO!

To seem needy or desperate is to make you look like this company is hopeless, and subconsciously your prospect will think, “Is this they way I’m going to have to sell or recruit people? Do I have have to become that annoying pleading representative trying to convince other to buy something or join us?” Guys, this does not look good and this is NOT what you want your prospect thinking.

Instead make it like if they join, great! If they don’t join, who cares, there are so many other people who would LOVE the chance to work with you and be apart of your growing team! Sometimes people who already have their mind made up about something (like MLM or the networking industry), you will not be able to change their minds anyway. And you may be wondering how do I know this. I’ve been there done that; looked needy and desperate PLEADING for people to join who had absolutely no interest in what I was offering plus they were with an unopened mind set and honestly didn’t get 1 signup!

Once I stopped that, and just started act cool and yea join me or not don’t really care, then I started to see a difference. Ray Higdon mentioned on one of his videos something he had heard from a politician, which is.. “when negotiating, care, but don’t care that much”. That’s the type of attitude you need in order start recruiting better.

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All the best,

-Marie 🙂


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