Attraction Marketing – How To Brand Yourself

To begin attraction marketing, you must first understand what it is!

Attraction marketing can also be associated with “Education marketing”. You start to brand yourself as an expert in a particular field and then in turn you become the teacher. You create content or take some kind of action to get people you don’t know to want to know you better. This later can turn into them buying your products or joining your business opportunity.

This type of marketing is focused on other people’s problems, NOT your own! Therefore ask, what problem does my prospect have, and how can I solve it? When you think about your niche and focus on helping them, attracting them becomes easy!

Start providing valuable content for your targeted group. Buy books or courses to deepen your knowledge. Once you have done that, start making the content, it can be through a blog, video or article. You will see a big difference when you focus on your prospect and their needs, instead of always thinking about you and telling everyone to go visit your link, or like your page.

Think about WHY they would want to like your page or visit your link. Would it benefit them in anyway? Or would that be only benefiting yourself?

Ready to start branding yourself as an expert? Fill in your info and I’ll send you over a great place to start your internet training education!


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All the best,

-Marie 🙂


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