Sales Funnel-What & Why You Should Use One

Don’t think you need a sales funnel?  Think again.

New network marketers are in the habit in putting their links everywhere they can, thinking that BOOM, they’ll get sign-ups and sell like crazy because they’ve got eyeballs on their links. Truth is, it doesn’t work, and it’s annoying. I’ve been there, done that, and what did I get? NOTHING! No sign-ups, no sells. Only curious people asking about the “JOB and how much money will I make?” Once I started explaining what the MLM is, let me just say, I didn’t get any call backs!

That is when I started to research what the big top earners are doing. And what did I find, you may be wondering? I found that they have a SALES FUNNEL, and they are not putting their links everywhere annoying the crap out of people who could care less about their product or offer. Instead what they do is offer VALUE and try to help out others BEFORE they ever talk about the business they are in. If you don’t believe me, just go on Ray Higdon’s or his wife Jessica Higdon’s website. You will NOT find what MLM they are in or any other affiliate programs they may be involved with. They instead give you tips on becoming successful in your business. The Hidgons are not the only ones, just google any successful person in the MLM industry.

sales funnel

The sales funnel is taking your prospect from where they are to where you WANT them to be (BUYING YOUR STUFF!!). It usually looks something like one of these options:

  • Teaser (ad, banner, etc) —-> Sales page
  • Teaser —-> Lead capture page (the pop-up window to put in your contact info) —->Sales page
  • Teaser —->Lead capture page —-> Relevant info (blog, article, video, etc) —–> Sales page

Keep in mind you can switch up the relevant info (and have as many as you like) and the lead capture page. Therefore you could have:

  • Teaser —>Relevant info —-> Lead capture page —>Sales page

Now the big question is WHY?

When people buy things they go through a mental process, they don’t want to waste money on something that will NOT benefit them. Think about why you buy something. Do you buy toothpaste because you like toothpaste, or do you buy it to keep your mouth and teeth healthy? The benefit of getting toothpaste is keeping your teeth clean, not because you enjoy buying toothpaste. The same goes with any MLM product or service. If someone joins your MLM what benefit is it going to give them? If they buy your products what will they get out of the products?

Sales funnels build trust, especially when you bring them to relevant information. If you are selling health products and they go from your ad to the lead capture and then to an article about your product telling them a story about someone who has used the product and had this result, that is much better than just going from the ad to the sales page.

Interesting fact: a lot of people do not reviewbuy the 1st time around, they may go and Google it and find some information on it beforehand. Just think about it, when you’re looking for a product, do you not read the reviews and try and look for the negative? That’s just human nature!

The funnels also help to make a connection. It’s kind of like dating. When you see an attractive person in pub, don’t you usually go and talk to them first before you say “Let’s go home together tonight?” Its the same in marketing, but everyone is missing this step. Instead they’re saying, “Come home with me!” (Join my team, join my opportunity!!) You’ve got to capture the attention with your prospects, engage with them, build the trust up, and then lead them to a sale if and when its right.

Good marketing does 2 thing guys,

  1. Builds Trust!
  2. Provides Value!

Still don’t think you need a sales funnel? Well keep putting your links everywhere without providing value or building trust and let me know how successful you become.

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All the best,

-Marie 🙂



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