Marketing More Than One Offer?

Should You Promote More Than One Offer If You Are Already In a MLM company?

To answer this question, we must think about our offer portfolio. You should think about your shopbusiness as a store and everything that you offer (products, services, opportunities) is in inside your store and is for sale.

So let’s use an example: if you only are selling health and beauty products, that is only going to appeal to a certain group of people. It is going to attract mostly women; now I’m not saying that men do not buy these types of products, but the majority of your customers will most likely be women. Therefore, you have limited your niche to women.

Now let’s throw in your store an all-in-one marketing tool that has all the bare essentials needed at a super low price. This great tool has web hosting, page creation software, built in auto-responder, and ad tracking software. Now you have just opened the door to internet marketers looking for something simple and easy to use to promote their business.

Great! Now you are targeting women who like health/beauty products and internet marketers looking for an easy to use tool. But if you want to expand even further, you can offer something like training for new networkers, or networkers who are struggling to recruit people into their team.

Wow! You’ve just opened up a BIG group of people there to promote your offers too! So even if your customer says NO to your primary company or product, you’ve now got two other back offers to present to them!

So, should you be promoting more than one offer? The answer to that question is most defiantly YES!

If you want a great book to read to learn how to start marketing correctly, or if you need an all-in-one tool, to build lead capture pages and sales pages with an auto-responder, contact me and I’ll send you the information.

All the best to you and your business! See you soon!!

-Marie 🙂


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