Traffic To Your Blog: 5 Quick Tips To Jumpstart

Are you having trouble getting people to read your blog?


If you’re a blogger and you aren’t getting the traffic you want gravitating to your posts, there may be some easy fixes for you. I’m going to give you 5 simple (and maybe even obvious) tips.

1. Post INTERESTING, COMPELLING, and QUALITY content that people want to read about, Now that may seem obvious, but if your posts do not have enough value or entertainment in them then your readers will not be coming back to your blog. Plain and simple.

2. You need to post on a REGULAR basis. That means do not be one of those bloggers who blogs a lot one week and then the next week are silent. We don’t want your readers wondering if you’re still alive or not! So with that being said, – or read 😉 – you may be asking, “well how many times a week would be sufficient?” The ideal blogging times per week should be no less than 3, and if you blog every other day, that would even be 4 times a week! So there are you, problem solved!

3. Become an EXPERT on the topic on which you are writing about. If you are blogging about mobile/cell phones, then you should be up to date with the newest phones and pricing, the different models and companies and so on. If you do not know, then I highly suggest you do a bit of research before you publish your content. You never know if one of your readers will ask you something about your topic that you should know.

4. Make your blog a bit ATTRACTIVE, dress it up with related videos or audios; put some fancy pictures in there! If you don’t have your own material, and you use someone else’s work, just be sure to give that person the appropriate credit, and/or ask them before you put them in your blog.

5. Want to get your readers engaged in your work? Then add some QUESTIONS, SURVEYS, POLLS or other interactive stuff. Want to know what your subscribers thought about your work? Well, then ask them! Having trouble to decide what to blog about next? Maybe have a survey with multiple choice answers and see what your readers really want to read about next! Engage in your loyal readers, and try to always respond to their replies as well!

Did you like this post? Want even more great tips and really detailed stuff? Then let me know in the form below and ask how you can start building your business on a shoe-string budget and I’ll send you the information!

Thanks for reading! Have any thoughts on my post? Then leave me a comment!

All the best,

-Marie 🙂


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